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  • Helping with preparation and submission of your Form 470-Description of Services Requested

  • Assist with discount percentage determination (free and reduced lunch program)

  • Review your compliance with SLD requirements including CIPA Compliance

  • Ensure your Forms 470 and 471 are correct and submitted within the proper filing window

  • Ensure your Forms 470 and 471 are certified

  • Assist you with Bid Management

  • Assist in the development of your Request for Proposal (RFP) for eligible E-Rate services

  • Review your Receipt Acknowledgement Letter (RAL) for accuracy and submit corrections to the SLD

  • Review your Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL) for accuracy

  • Preparation and submission of your Forms 486, 472, and 500 as necessary for the collection of E-Rate funding on the applicant’s behalf

  • Help with preparation and submission of your appeal letters

  • Help with Selective Reviews and Audits

  • Help with Service Substitutions, SPIN changes, Invoice Deadline Extensions, etc.

  • Front to end E-rate assistance

  • One flat fee for both C1 and C2 combined, no percentages of the total will be charged

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What is ERate?

A program designed to provide financial help to schools and libraries to bring eligible services and technology.

What can I get with ERate (cont'd)?

Currently the following types of equipment are eligible under Category Two Internal Connections

· Antennas, connectors, and related components used for internal broadband connections

· Cabling

· Caching

· Firewall services and firewall components separate from basic firewall protection provided as a standard component of a vendor’s Internet access service

· Racks

· Routers

· Switches

· Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)/Battery Backup

· Access points used in a local area network (LAN) or wireless local area network (WLAN) environment (such as wireless access points)

· Wireless controller systems

Only eligible products or services that will be used for educational purposes can be funded. 

How does it work?

The program is administered under the FCC and, as in many federal programs, is multi-faceted and multi-leveled.

What can I get with ERate (cont'd)?

There is a Universal Service Fee on your telephone bill, ERate is funded by the money collected for that fee.

Who is eligible?

Public or private schools (K-12), libraries, and groups of schools (districts, systems, etc) can apply for discounts on eligible services.

How much does ERate Consulting Specialists charge?

Our fees are tailored to your individual school or library and we charge a flat fee with no percentages.

Please email or call us and we will be happy to provide a quote.

What can I get with ERate?

Internet access, network interconnectivity and related equipment are eligible for discounts.

The program is organized into two primary sections:

  • Category One

    • Data Transmission Services and/or Internet Access

  • Category Two

    • Internal Connections (IC), Managed Internal Broadband Services (MIBS), and Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections (BMIC)




  • Sign and return the contract with Erate Consulting Specialists, Inc.

  • Start gathering amounts spent with priority one service providers during the E-Rate year if you did not receive discounts.


  • Provide ECS with the service provider amounts in order for the Form 472 reimbursements to be filed.

  • Make sure your Technology Plan for the next year contains any E-Rate eligible equipment or services you might ask for in the next  E-Rate Cycle.


  • Start gathering a list of equipment and services that you plan to ask for in the next E-Rate cycle

  • Submit that list to Erate Consulting Specialists in order to file the Form 470

  • Technology Plan should have been created before the Form 470 can be filed but does not have to be submitted yet


  • Erate Consulting Specialists, Inc. will file your Form 470 which will begin the 28 day bidding process.

  • You must be receptive to all service providers bidding, and they must have a valid SPIN and be have a current FCC Form 473 on file with USAC-SLD to be an acceptable bidder.


  • All PEIMS data must be sent to Erate Consulting Specialists for free and reduced lunch numbers.

  • All bids will be evaluated and contracts will be awarded, only after the 28 day waiting period has ended.  ECS will provide you with an allowable contract date.

  • If you have more than one bid you must fill out a Bid Assessment Worksheet.

  • Submit all contract decisions to Erate Consulting Specialists.


  • Erate Consulting Specialists will file your Form 471 and Item 21 attachments for the next E-Rate year.

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